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Poincare seminar 2005 thibault damour, olivier darrigol, vincent rivasseau download bok. The best measurement of the age of the universe is. It was once inconceivable that the universe could be expanding. Jul 16, 2019 to download click on link in the links table below description. On first learning of edwin hubbles discovery of a linear relation between the redshift of the galaxies and their distance, einstein set the cosmological constant to zero in the friedmann equations, resulting in a model of the expanding universe known as the friedmann. The purpose of this paper is to study quasinormal modes qnm of a regular black hole with a cosmological constant due to scalar perturbations.

Expanding universe first general relativistic models by einstein predicted a contracting universe 1917 introduction of cosmological constant by einstein 1922 the friedmann equation predicted an expanding universe 1928 georges lemaitre independently concluded the same lemaitre was the first to propose a primeval atom theory, later known. We often start with a classical system and quantize it, yielding a quantum theory of that system. Einstein showed that his theory of gravity naturally led to an explanation of the universe of. We utilize hydrodynamical simulations from the eagle suite, comparing a. The most recent and most accurate measurements were made by the planck spacecraft. The friedmann equations university of north carolina at. Asymptotics for the wave equation on differential forms on kerrde sitter space hintz, peter and vasy, andras, journal of differential geometry, 2018 early universe models from noncommutative geometry marcolli, matilde and pierpaoli, elena, advances in theoretical and mathematical physics, 2010. They found that the resulting allowed universe points to an expanding universe in which the vacuum energy decreases at a rate above a specific lower limit i. Guido cognola, emilio elizalde, shinichi nojiri, sergei d. Particle creation in a conformally flat spacetime e. The accelerating universe, the landscape, and the swampland. Apr 07, 2020 i have a pdf printer installed, and regularly use firefox as well as edge. Despite the differences in the rate of growth of structure, we find that dark energy, at its observed value, has negligible impact on star formation in the universe. The return of a static universe and the end of cosmology core.

May 28, 2015 holography, locality and symmetries of the universe. It gives rise to a past completion of an inflationary universe. A detailed study of the qnm frequencies for the massless scalar field were done by varying the parameters of. Einstein regarded the universe as a test bed of his new theory. Age of the universe simple english wikipedia, the free. The blue lines are light rays sent by an observer static in the north pole. The authors exhibit a vacuum state in which the expectation values of the energy and pressure allow an intuitive physical interpretation. What we dont know about the beginning of the universe. It models the universe as spatially flat and neglects ordinary matter, so the dynamics of the universe are dominated by the cosmological constant, thought to correspond to dark energy in our universe or the inflaton field in the early universe. The static universe survived three thousand years of analysis and observation, to become enshrined as a cosmological solution to the equations of einsteins theory of general relativity. He assumed the universe was the same everywhere and in all directions, a concept he called the cosmological principle.

Its dynamics is dictated solely by a cosmological constant. Article pdf available in the astrophysical journal 4712. The accelerating expansion of the universe is a portal for us to understand the physics at the very fundamental level. The choice of state is crucial, as one may misunderstand the physics of particle creation by choosing a too restrictive vacuum for the quantum field. In this dissertation we investigate various aspects of the accelerating universe in the context of the string landscape and swampland. By making use of the fact that the desitter metric corresponds to a hyperquadric in a fivedimensional flat space, it is shown that the three robertsonwalker. Box 554441, maragha, iran we obtain a new solution of rotating. The primeval atom is an absorbing book which throws new light on the present cosmogonic theories. But that has always produced jumbled and garbled page headers and text, basically unreadable. Pirsquared17universe simple english wikipedia, the. In addition to developing techniques to study eternal inflation, these results allow us to establish the quantum generalization of the recently proposed bound on the number of efoldings in noneternal regime.

Holography, locality and symmetries of the universe. Sheykhi physics department and biruni observatory, college of sciences, shiraz university, shiraz 71454, iran research institute for astrophysics and astronomy of maragha riaam, p. This file contains additional information such as exif metadata which may have been added by the digital camera, scanner, or software program used to create or digitize it. Ruta kindly made his word file available, but it had the equations and symbols in latex format. Pdf geometry of the desitter universe researchgate. The research presented in this dissertation attempts to broaden the scope of holgraphic theories to include more phenomenologically relevant universes. Second, our tiny presentday cosmological constant currently accounts for about 68% of the energy density of the universe, and this fraction is growing as the universe continues to expand. I managed to get all of those changed into readable format and over into a pdf file. As canon lemaltre indicates, this is not the last word on the subject and for that reason it will be interesting to see what the author does with the observational material which will be forthcoming in the next 15 or 20 years from the new 2001n.

Cdm cold dark matter universe to an einsteinde sitter model with. Its a phenomena that is apparently ir but intrinsically uv. Ads, which provides tractable and conjecturally uvcomplete theories of. In cosmology, the age of the universe is the amount of time since the big bang. Charged rotating black string in gravitating nonlinear. Jan 24, 2017 the quantum viewpoint on the beginning of the universe quantum theory describes the evolution of quantum states living in a hilbert space h, obeying schrodingers equation. Odintsov, sergio zerbini submitted on jan 2005 v1, last revised 14 feb 2005 this version, v3. In 1917, he applied general relativity to the universe as a whole. Pdf by making use of the fact that the desitter metric corresponds to a hyperquadric in a fivedimensional flat space, it is shown that the three.

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