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Network architectures offer different ways of solving a critical issue when it comes to building a network. Such research already has an impact on the information view, especially sid information and data model that adopted some of the autonomic communication principles. There are currently seven elements in the architecture, shown in the figure below. First, the lte network reference model is defined and its basic evolved packet system eps entities and the functions of each entity are described. Allows the home network operator to see all the traf. This article discusses the three network management architectures in use today, so by reading it you will be able to understand the differences between each architecture, and by reading the pros and cons of each architecture you will be able to select the right solution, especially when managing a distributed network. The gsm network architecture is defined in the gsm specifications and it can be grouped into four main areas.

Lte network architecture evolution aalto university. This calls for seamless mobility, network management, and performance assurance, requiring. We look at the general architecture of a network management system and then examine the most widely used standardized software package for supporting network management. An overview of cdma2000 technology concepts an overview of cdma2000 technology concepts june 24, 2002 and july 16, 2002. The ran is used to process all the radiorelated functions, while the cn is used to process all voice calls and data connections within the umts system, and implements the function of external network switching and routing. Telecommunications network architecture sciencedirect. Apr 03, 2015 network management architecture is the hierarchy in which participant devices are arranged within the network for example sequence of network, severhost, terminal and personal computer and routers. Network management architecture varies in the different situations. As a result of this work, weve identified a set of network management architectural elements.

It has become impossible to carry out network management functions without the support of automated tools and applications. We present an architecture framework for the control and management of multilayer net works and associated advanced network services. Traditional network operators will have to rethink their business model and also position themselves much more strongly on the upper levels of the valueadded chain. The ultrasecure network architecture you almost cannot open a newspaper, news magazine, a news web site or your electronic mail without finding out that another company has suffer a security breach and that hundreds if the company is lucky or hundreds of. The home subscriber server hss component has been carried forward from umts and gsm and is a central database that contains information about all the network operators subscribers. Internet architecture board iab approved simple network management protocol snmp as a shortterm solution for network management. The highlevel network architecture of lte is comprised of following three main components.

An internet is a network of networks in which routers move data among a multiplicity of networks. The type of network architecture used will not only determine the network topology but also define how network nodes access those media. Database management system information storage systems enterprise information. All of these are served by a good enterprise network architecture. Datacom present a unique approach we provide an endtoend networking package, delivering the design, deploy and operate functions. A network management architecture proposal for the geant. It involves three main subsystems, each containing functional units and interconnected with the others through a series of standard interfaces.

The epc consists of mme, sgw, pgw and pcrf functions for performing authentication, mobility management, bearer control, charging and qos control. Chapter 2 analyses the iso management architecture, which is defined in the management framework and the systems management overview standards. The content of the pdf version shall not be modified without the written. Enterprise network architectures using 4g lte maximizing the value of your wireless network what youll get. Telecommunications network architecture r v latin and r c slatter outline a model and methodology for use in the design of integrated services d igital networks a n abstract generic system model and methodology that form the telecommunications network architecture tna are described. Simplifies core network architecture to implement on demand configuration of network functions through control and user plane separation, componentbased. The structure of a gsm network relies on several functional entities, which have been specified in terms of functions and interfaces. Snmpbased, policybased and self management approach. The proposed architecture has been shown to improve fairness. Also this paper tries to present the advantages why operators are.

Network management model network management architechture. The generic autonomic network architecture gana reference model. Generic functional architecture management transport adaptation transport transport resource policy control function tmgf sgf. In this paper we propose a new design solution for network architecture of future 5g mobile networks. Umts system architecture and protocol architecture overview on overall system architecture umts network architecture and elements mobile station highlevel functions umts domains and strata umtsgprs protocol architecture references. Below is a brief description of each of the components shown in the above architecture. It has an open, distributed architecture the separation of switching and service control functions full use of ss7 as the signaling infrastructure its clearly defined and specified interfaces the nature of its in structure. Analysis and design principles building a building b building c core module figure 14 flexible design similarly, a flexible network design must support the capability to integrate with other networks for examples, when mergers and acquisitions occur. Standards like snmp and common management information protocol cmip paved the way for standardized network management and development of innovative network management tools and applications. Despite architectural injunctions against them, these nodes are flourishing, suggesting user and management.

Wcdma network architecture wcdma including the ran radio access network and the cn core network. Often described as a true intelligence network, gsm is called the first true wireless network because. Physicalcommunication32010217244 contents lists available at sciencedirect physicalcommunication journal homepage. An sdnbased network architecture for extremely dense. It provides the interface between the radio network and the packet data network.

Jul 10, 20 this document provides a brief overview of the lte network architecture as the first technical document of lte area. In this chapter, the major network management issues, including network management requirements, functions, techniques, security, some wellknown network management protocols and tools, will be discussed. Network slicing characteristics and lifecycle management. While the cn consists of many logical nodes, the access network is made up of essentially just one node, the evolved nodeb enodeb, which connects to the ues. The agent locates at the place where the mobile node opens its account. Lte network architecture evolution ville eerola helsinki university of technology ville. This keeps information about the users phone number, home network identity and security keys etc. In the course of this convergence, the value of the network business will gradually decrease and the service range will make a much larger contribution to endcustomer sales. Network architecture is the design of a computer network. The proposed design is based on usercentric mobile environment with many wireless and mobile. Enterprise network architecture refers to the specific setup and layout of enterprise networks. Gana generic autonomic networking architecture etsi. A usim stores userspecific data very similar to 3g sim card.

Russ has spoken at cisco live, interop, lacnog, and other global industry venues. Operate simply, using a single management dashboard. At a high level, the network is comprised of the cn epc and the access network eutran. In order that the gsm system operates together as a complete system, the overall network architecture brings together a series of data network identities, each with several elements. In this paper, we focus on the architecture and the design considerations of radiooverethernet to have a more flexible and reliable fronthaul network in centralized radio access network.

Overthe network device management public service aspects lawful intercept. Pgw lies in the home network, through which all the users traf. The cisco digital network architecture vision an overview. Cisco digital network architecture cisco dna cisco. This type of system provides vital support for a business, from voip and telecommunications systems to data storage, data analysis, etc. Secure cloud access with integrated, comprehensive security.

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