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Can anyone imagine the germans making films, so full of human frailty and uncertainty, like this in the middle of the war. Residents of an english village unwittingly welcome nazi soldiers who intend to take over their town. I would highly recommend this dvd version of the movie. France the movie has a runtime of about 1 hr 36 min, and received a score of out of 100 on metacritic. I have only managed to see went the day well twice and it is an absolute gem, but one that probably wouldnt appeal to many people nowadays. Watch movie free movie streaming full movie in hd without downloading, watch movie went the day well. Even though that particular threat had diminished somewhat by the time of the films 1942 released, the movie was like an emotional injection that encouraged resilience, vigilance and courage. Released in the us as fortyeight hours, went the day well. The pace of the movie is fantastic not a dull moment. Cavalcantis wartime film, based on a story by graham greene, still unsettles, even shocks, with its. The time for this sleepy village to awake and face its demons has firmly landed on its doorstep.

It reflects the greatest potential nightmare of many britons of the time, although the threat of. I have only managed to see went the day well twice and it is an absolute gem, but one. In this adaptation of a graham greene story, women take on undercover nazis with a variety of weapons. Directed by alberto cavalcanti 1942, alberto cavalcanti what could have been a cozy british comedy from the same ealing studios that later patented the brand suddenly turns into the eagle has landed meets straw dogs, as the germans take over a peaceful english village. Filled with tension, beautifully filmed, and well placed in the rural england you get a glimpse of in they made me a fugitive. No quotes approved yet for went the day well logged in users can submit quotes. They are welcomed by the residents, until it is revealed they are german paratroopers serving as the vanguard for the invasion.

France whose daughter valerie taylor brings the homeguard chief leslie banks, mrs. Under its usa title, 48 hours, the earliest documented telecast of this film occurred monday 30. The film is almost cruel in the way it repeatedly frustrates its audiences hopes. Once the villagers discover the true identity of the troops they do whatever they can to thwart the nazis plans.

It was produced by michael balcon of ealing studios and served as unofficial propaganda for the war effort. Actually, the film covers 72 hours in the life of the small british village of bramley green, which serves as the focal point for an attempted german invasion. The events are believable and i am sure this film was very effective as wartime propaganda. France and nora valerie taylor, who puzzles over news from mrs. Once the villagers discover the true identity of the troops they do whatever they can. Their task is to disrupt englands radar network in preparation for a full scale german invasion. Cavalcantis wartime film, based on a story by graham greene. My second cavalcanti film, went the day well is a smashing paranoid ww2 thriller focusing on a rural british village that is taken over nazi paratroopers who have pretended to be british soldiers. The most striking and surprising quality of went the day well. We are not responsible for the content of external sites and not affiliated with these sites. The transformation of idyllic rural englishness has to be tested to its limits, on their own and with time running out, even the softest of hearts have to learn the hardest rule. The picture was clean and crisp, and the audio was excellent of course, it is difficult at time to understand native british for us yanks. Free movie stream only here today, we can see that hundreds thousands of people looking for free went the day well.

The cook, the thief, his wife and her lover cole smitheys classic cinema duration. Directed by alberto cavalcanti 1942, alberto cavalcanti what could. Fraser marie lohr finding rooms for soldiers, before a seismic plot turn, in went. Not only was this a great movie ive enjoyed every ealing studios film ive seen and this was equal to those this printondemand issue looks good and sounds. Reminds me of the englishman who went out west and met jesse james in a salloon. If you are fond of good old movies, then this is for you. This is a very engaging film, set in the dark days of world war 2. There is one scene which shows that ordinary decent people when cornered can fight back with a fierce tenacity when their homeland is threatened. Sorry for the poor pic sound quality but my dv cam was. It captures the the courage, resourcefulness and resilience of a rural community held captive by a. It begins deceptively genteel, with mervyn johns talking to the camera a great device and leading us into a story which times out to be both hard hitting and inspirational. Innocent events in an english town, visiting major hammond basil sydney chats up the vicar c.

The movie s influence shows up in dads army, in village of the damned, and maybe even, with a. An aheadofitstime film if ever there was one, went the day well. This is a rip roaring tribute to the best of england. One of the first people killed is the towns harmless old vicar, murdered in cold blood when he tries to sound an alarm by ringing the church bell. The new bfi restoration of cavalcantis went the day well opened 9 july 2010. I was very satisfied with the nostalgia family transfer of this movie, went the day well. A splendid movie well acted and directed, the story grips you from the start,the film includes self sacrifice and treacherous behaviour. It tells of how an english village is taken over by german paratroopers. One of the more serious films made to show the british public what might happen if the nazis invaded england.

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